Contemporary Art Textile in blues and greens with appliquéd text.

Thrive, Prosper and Art.

My daughter Simone suggested that I write sentences with my words. Words are generally used in a structured context, with all the grammatical accessories, except in poetry and song lyrics, slogans for advertising  and promotional products. I have chosen to use the project title literally […]

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Contemporary Art Textile with appliqué text detail in blues and greens.

Text on Textile and Appliqué

Appliqué is a sewing technique that applies one smaller layer or piece of cloth on top of another with the edges tucked neatly under and held with neat invisible stitches. There is beauty and skill in this tradition. However, I want my stitches to be […]

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Detail of Contemporary Art Textile with hand stitched text

Faith Renewed

I’m on Day 20 of #100 Days of Beautiful Words. You can see the words and colours  growing up the front of the dress. It amounts to one fifth of the total area and I’m hoping there will be enough space for the full lexicon. The […]

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Contemporary Art Textile with gold and coloured text


  Day five of #100 Days of Beautiful Words and I am starting to flag already ! The ‘inner critic’ works it’s spell by making me vague and forgetful, I almost forgot yoga as well as delaying my start on today’s word. I chose ‘Angel’ […]

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#100 Days of Beautiful Words

I’m catching a ride on the fresh energy of spring towards the promise of high days, bright days, colour and blooms. My # 100 Days of Beautiful Words will take me there, July 14th to be exact, when this project reaches completion, to bloom in […]

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Detail of Art Oyster Walet'HaveFaith'

I’ve been unfaithful….

….since I discovered instagram! It has been a whirlwind romance with images flying everywhere. So I thought I’d share my pictures with you and have updated my website/blog with a new theme that allows me to do just that. All I have to do now […]

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Hand painted and machine stitched mixed media textile in pink

‘Yes’ to today!

  ‘Yes’ Maggie Winnall Mixed Media Textile,hand Painted and machine stitched ‘Yes’ is the ultimate affirmation. Positive, pithy, powerful. I’m saying ‘YES’ ! To an unexpected holiday from the day job today! Which means I get to celebrate my grandson Reuben’s 6th birthday. What are […]

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Reflection of 'Believe' Art Oyster Wallet in exit mirror of London bus.

Seeing is Believing

What we believe is not always clear. And our beliefs are not always based on the truth. For example, the ‘inner critic’ that rabbits on telling us negative ideas about ourselves, creating unnecessary doubt and uncertainty when it would be better to take action based […]

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