15 Minutes


A new year begins, a welcome, an invitation to to each new day, for hopes and plans for the year ahead.

In 2015 I learned the power of 15 minutes – 15 minutes of de cluttering a day, 15 minutes of  daily yoga. Doing things in small pockets of time regularly makes a difference. I practiced yoga 192 days in 2015 and plan to continue this year.

What did you learn last year that you will bring with you in 2016?

Rose Tinted World


A rose tinted world stitched in the secret garden, a glorious afternoon spent listening in to life. A squirrel rummaging in the bin, airplanes coursing , parakeets squawking, a squabble of crows swooped in . Then  calls and cries of children from the nearby paddling pool echoed all around, zoo like, alongside murmurs of hushed conversations passing by.

The garden shared secrets. As I stitched and took photos, the links between the images came into view. The dress I wore to mums funeral, ‘the world’ cloth  mum bought for me from the fabric shop in Brixton,  heaven scent from the roses ( she had a beautiful rose garden) and the exotic magnolia still blooming in July ( which mum couldn’t grow in her garden on account of the soil, but loved anyway.)

sometimes,  you have to pause , whether you like it or not, to assimilate, before you are able to proceed.



World of Stitches


I’m stitching a world on the reverse of the dress now. New story threads and new words will be added.

At the present I am in an ocean of stitches, laying down texture for my next beautiful word.

Textile Art in the Garden

It is my day 53 in the #100 Days of Making Project. I say ‘my’ day 53, because the A* people are on day 63. This ten day gap has opened up and revealed secret thought processes (once I got over berating myself !) Thought processes that have been running the show for the longest time and that have contributed to major procrastination issues. I’m amazed really, that it’s taken so long for me to see this and I’m amazed at being held hostage for so long too.

This is all good, because now I know what I’m dealing with.

2 Day Stretch Stitch

Stitches have been laid down to create a lovely textured surface, onto which I’ll add the next batch of words. These stitches represent day 44 and 45.

7.Days Down and a couple of questions?

It’s day 50 today, the official count of ‘#100 days of making’. My day counts in at 43 and as you can see from the images above progress has been made. This (new for me!) concept of consistency is raising Questions, like, is it ok to be fairly consistent ? As being a ‘good enough parent’ is it ok to ‘consistent enough’? And consistency ( even -7 days) does have its rewards, progress, the end result, increased confidence, new ideas. So if a person is as consistent as clockwork are the rewards even greater?

Thrive, Prosper and Art.

My daughter Simone suggested that I write sentences with my words. Words are generally used in a structured context, with all the grammatical accessories, except in poetry and song lyrics, slogans for advertising  and promotional products. I have chosen to use the project title literally ( no pun intended ) as I like how each word evokes meaning in its own right. This is making me think about context though-.how creative work whether it is writing, poetry, painting, music etc  is made in context , has its subject and structure/rhythm.

Text on Textile and Appliqué

Appliqué is a sewing technique that applies one smaller layer or piece of cloth on top of another with the edges tucked neatly under and held with neat invisible stitches. There is beauty and skill in this tradition. However, I want my stitches to be visible. I like how the thread colour, even in such small quantities, influences the over all effect. I like using chunky thread, how the stitching on the small  letters merges with the letter itself , see the ‘H’ and ‘E’ above, or becomes a border, and edging of contrast on the larger fonts.

Faith Renewed

Contemporary Art Textile with text and hand stitching and quilting.
#100 Days of Beautiful Words by Maggie Winnall -Day 20

I’m on Day 20 of #100 Days of Beautiful Words. You can see the words and colours  growing up the front of the dress. It amounts to one fifth of the total area and I’m hoping there will be enough space for the full lexicon. The schedule however is on Day 22, so some extra stitching is required, I’m  playing catch up already. The words will get done but this is not really the point…the learning is that I have lost 2 days and that working little and often, is the best way.



Day five of #100 Days of Beautiful Words and I am starting to flag already !

The ‘inner critic’ works it’s spell by making me vague and forgetful, I almost forgot yoga as well as delaying my start on today’s word.

I chose ‘Angel’ today to call on help with the above phenomina.