studio declutter

an areal view of cloth mountain!

This is the left hand wall of my studio, piled high with boxes, bags and rails of cloth.Oh and a couple of

lovely baskets which will definitely be staying.

studio window

The window faces south east and benefits from morning light. On the table is a small sample of strip piecing and to the left my blue cotton print summer dress. Once the lining is secured beside the zip, it will be good to wear.

'studio window-right hand view'

Behind the sewing table is my inspiration wall, to the right are storage shelves.

'studio-right hand wall'

All along the right hand wall is shelving.In the foreground to the left is mum’s horn sewing cabinet that I inherited. I am planning to make it my own by painting it and swopping the handles for a contemporary style. It will come home  so that I have at least some sewing equipment here, and it can all be kept in one place.

The left hand side of the studio space will be for cloth ,the centre space by the window for cutting/sewing and the right hand wall will be used to store equipment and materials. The next wall is going to be the design wall, this faces north west/north and since i have realigned the furniture, feels right, even though presently it is not ready. Although I did paint it .

'design wall-to be!'

And some free advertising for a local shop and you can see the hinterberg  stretch frame waiting to be unpacked. I think I have found some-one (in the UK)who can supply the right sized conduit poles….it has taken a while…we will return to this later.

Posting this is useful. They say clutter uses up energy and I have to agree. Now I have gone ‘public’ with the studio images,I have to do something about it!! I am visualising the end result and looking forward to seeing and feeling the improvements, and to creating some meaningful work.

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Hello, I'm Maggie, I am an artist who writes in fabric and thread, stitching the 'text' into textiles and colour into quilts..... You can read more on my About page at

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