All Stitched Up private view


It was also when I lived in Bramhall that I developed my horse obsession. My whole existence revolved around horses…..I learned to draw them from memory, it looks like I still can.* It was only recently that I understood horses and their power for healing. Horses carried me through a very difficult part of my childhood, which is why I have incorporated horse_1 on my ‘green for love and healing ‘mini quilt contribution to All Stitched Up. And to wrap this healing circle up nicely, Susan Stockwell is the first person I have ever met (other than my family etc) who knows Bramhall……..

We are off to the private view now and I am looking forward to seeing the assembled patches, and the other work.

Take some time out down by the river at Westminster and come to see ALL STITCHED UP at the Florence Nightingale Museum,then let me know what you think. Comments are welcome!

PS * on reviewing this post, I realise that it was the first horse that I drew was from memory , it features on Green for Love and Healing, the quilt patch in All Stitched Up….

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