Check out sewin studio page for new! feature

Have been busy designing flyers and pages for a small class I offer at Sewin Studio. it is more time consuming than I anticipated , I enjoy the process though.

Also made 210cm X210cm quilt top for Nigel, in the ‘housetop’style of Gees Bend

but it turns out to be too bold . Never mind I like it…I’m not sure how it works when you make something inspired by another’s work that you admire, is it Ok to post the picture as long as you credit the inspiration and originator of the piece?

Well I’ll wait and see what the Gees Bend ladies have to say first and then I may show my efforts……..

Published by Maggie Winnall

Hello, I'm Maggie, I am an artist who writes in fabric and thread, stitching the 'text' into textiles and colour into quilts..... You can read more on my About page at

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