Purse in the making_part one

In the spirit of finishing pieces, this bag  which was part of a collection

from which this bag tote  conversion purse © maggie winnall 2011has been taken ,to be revamped into a purse style handbag. I dismantled the tote, cut the top to fit the frame, added stiff interfacing, a  pocket in the lining and the final flourish… was to sew  the bag onto the frame and add the handle.

No Title copyright maggie winnall 2011 This is another piece that I

have been working on. Adding some batting under the red border(the green central panel was already quilted) and quilted it. a red  thread adds to the vividness.I really like the grid of stitches,the square shape and shadows.It reminds me of chocolate bar shapes …….

Am thinking I might add a purse frame to this..we’ll see.

Come to the makers market at Brixton Station Road on saturday 12th November

to see this work and have a chat.

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