Make It, Sell It ! day at the Business and IP Centre at The British Library

plastic fantastic patchwork bag_3 © maggie winnall 2011
plastic fantastic patchwork bag_3 © maggie winnall 2011

In preparation for the Make It, Sell It! day at theBusiness and IP Centre at the British Library today I discovered ‘flow‘, making postcard flyers , tweaking my website info and adapting finishing touches to a bag to take to the event.

Moving from one action to the next, knowing the next action to take, to build up the desired effects  is based on  practised techniques, focus and a routine. It all came together well, it flowed. This is exactly the experience I am looking for in my art making in future.

Practising techniques: to become familiar with process, the more disciplined and skilled you become the more creative freedom you gain.

Routine : the order in which you do something  repeatedly

Focus: bringing attention, intention and action into play on one thing. I think focus was key here. Deciding which task to tackle and sticking with just this and this only, until the end.

Also, practice allows you to know more or less how long something might take, enabling you to plan , then you can try a different order of completing tasks eg  to see if you get better results.☆


THE MAKE IT! SELL IT! Networking Event at Business and IP Centre was well

worthwhile. We speed networked for half an hour at a time in groups of about 7plus the ‘table’ expert who introduced their area of interest and expertise, sharing valuable information. We also  introduced ourselves and throughout the morning learnt more about each other’s  businesses. It seems that online networking ..(.facebook, Etsy, Twitter ) and planning (time, strategy and business) are the key areas in which to concentrate and apparently having a blog is  more likely to bring in ‘25% more traffic ‘ than a website.

I have to say that embracing online technology is one thing, but you can’t beat meeting and talking with real people as we did today.  Sometimes  the most simple, practical, advice for action  makes an impression. ‘Forgo the TV and your usual soap opera and just ‘do it’,’ take a risk towards your dream.

I recommend the Business and IP Centre in London , it is a great resource. They offer free events, use of library for market research etc . Check out their website for more info.

See you next time.












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