When your computer crashes

I sit in my local internet shop,  making this post, having been 5 days without my computer.

I definately should have paid attention to the warning ‘your start up disc is full’ and investigated the  ramifications of this statement. Well now I know…… seems the mac was overfed and full  to bursting, and has now not budged for days.

Meanwhile we make repair enquiries, moan to friends, wail to family, all of whom want to help. If only we can find

the disc which holds the technical information…it goes on….

So now I sit here , in a sociable atmosphere, murmuring voices ,the photocopier whirring, the door open to the sunny  street, signs of life and energy. 

Most of all I have discovered how this technology that I  effortlessly resisted  has crept slowly into my day to day affairs and my thinking. It is quite shocking to realise the dependancy that has emerged. Now I am living ‘my life before computers’ ,  motivated, getting things done , by day, by week and who knows maybe by month! Except of course I am here in the computer shop setting this to record on my blog. What about you, are you comfortable

with your levels of computer consumption?

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