The i mac went …

The i mac went to computer outpatient and had it’s diagnosis, supported by a donor laptop, checking to see if it’s nerve centres are still there and working. They are..phew!

The external hard drive that was purchased to back up all the files, didn’t…because the operating system was incompatible. So now we have to pay to retrieve the files that I thought had been saved  AND apparently our i mac is considered VINTAGE! Still this fits with the retro feel of my work at least!

i mac is away now, being tended to, and it could be touch and go to save our files.

I am back in the computer shop. Years ago this place was always booked to full capacity, these days it is less than one quarter full. I am glad it’s still here, though with so many more ‘modern’ alternatives to access the internet , this service may soon too become vintage……


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