Why handmade?

Well, there is a campaign to promote handmade. Of course I support this for the same reasons that I make my art in the first place. To create  something with unique quality, to support myself in the local economy whilst keeping  an eye on those carbon miles.  At the same time reusing, reducing and recreating with materials that would otherwise end up in landfill. My remaking with plastic bags can be seen by clicking on the oyster

 <a href=”http://ukhandmade.co.uk/buy-handmade-campaign&#8221; target=”_blank”><img border=”0″ alt=”www.ukhandmade.co.uk – Buy Handmade” src=”http://i654.photobucket.com/albums/uu265/KalaArt/buyhandmade.jpg&#8221; /></a>

I think this link is to add the logo and icon to my blog sidebar….Please bear with me until i learn how to do this. In the meantime  the computer is home now, and images will shortly resume with my blog posts. hurray!

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