Creative Notes

Affirmative art cloth on red/maroon ground with white font and hand embellished with multicoloured thread.
Creating and making

To create is to bring something into being that was not there before.

As an artist, creating is fundamental. It is taking a thought, an idea

and translating into a medium, which in my case is cloth.

I  plan what I am going to do, how I am going to do it . I envisage the end result.

I think about how it ‘should’ be done, what it ‘should’  look like.

When it comes to executing the plan, this is when creativity steps up and takes charge.

This creative voice speaks to me from my centre, not my head.

If I can listen carefully and act, letting go of all of the preconceived ‘shoulds’, this is when

new, stimulating prospects emerge for my work. This is what keeps me motivated

and makes me feel happy.

How important is creativity for you?  What do you like about making?  What do you make?

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