Making Uncovered Success!

Sewin Studio at Brixton East display of textile art custom made handbags ,workshop and making demos.
After set up- Simone and me

Every thing about taking part in Making Uncovered was satisfying, right from the first meeting at Brixton East (where I immediately visualised myself in situ sewing and making) to being paid promptly for my workshop.

This was my first time working with Makerhood and from the outset it was evidently a clearly thought out, seamless operation. The group all working together, knowing roles and responsibilities. Within two meetings, space was allocated and requirements noted, every thing asked for was remembered and delivered. The layout of the event allowed breathing space between the participators and space for people to move freely. Every one was so relaxed, friendly and welcoming, that even my daughter commented on it.

Brixton East is a fabulous venue, it took centre stage and it’s fair to say I’ve fallen in love with it! it lent itself  beautifully and showed my work (and everyone’s work) at it’s best.IMG_2709

The publicity for the event was excellent, Makers were given a featured blog post on the Makerhood blog, which was shared to Facebook, great for gauging feedback. Processing free tickets and paid workshops was by Eventbrite , a great way to handle bookings and payments and also keep track of booking progress.

In my own promotion I blogged the event. Google+ proved to be effective. I used helpful advice from copywriter to fashion my call to action. I set up a single page on my blog to reach my audience. I included testimonials from previous workshops and one past ‘workshopee’ returned  again to make another affirmation. I  created postcards that supported my Affirmative Applique workshop- putting an image of my work on the front and adding info about affirmations on the back.

A fabulous blue sky blessed the day itself. We concentrated on setting up  (my daughter Simone helping) my display for the event. I showed a range of my artwork from textile wall pieces, to handbags from Hope in Your Handbag™ collection to smaller  oyster card wallets.  By  the time we had finished I looked up the whole space was transformed. To my right a lovely old fashioned tea room had emerged, delicious cakes adorned the counter, retro chairs and tables welcoming people. A beautiful vibrant quilt hanging from the rafters, a plump display of owl and bird cushions below. To my left a drawing table inviting would be artists and a mind map for people to join in and develop. A general hum of activity was growing.

colourful oyster card wallet shell from vintage and recycled fabrics

In preparing for my workshop I wanted to offer the participants a lovely choice of colours to inspire them. I spent time selecting a range of coloured cloths, including some vintage pieces, from my stash. These were to be used for the wallet ‘shell’, I prepared these in advance so that the workshop time would be spent focussing on the affirmations. Every one soon got to work and created their own unique affirmations.


For more photo from Makerhood 

My space was set up as though it was ‘studio from studio’ to give people an idea of how I work. I had work in progress, handbags, quilt and hand stitched samples to share, my sewing machine was out with some quilting under way.People were enthusiastic and all ages engaged with my work, the workshop in progress attracted lots of interest too.

Taking time out I wandered downstairs to see an array of workshops and demos underway, willow weaving, portraiture, aboriginal art, felt making, screen printing..all so enticing, I wanted to try them all!  I hope everyone enjoyed Making Uncovered as much as I did- I met lots of lovely friendly people, shared my work and saw inspiring art and activities-the cafe offered delicious cakes and tea (I nabbed the last slice of coffee cake…mmm), the atmosphere was buzzing. It was a privilege to be part of Making Uncovered, which shows the breadth of talent and skills of our local artists-something Brixton can be proud of! When is the next one? How about a fashion show, Fashion Uncovered?

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Hello, I'm Maggie, I am an artist who writes in fabric and thread, stitching the 'text' into textiles and colour into quilts..... You can read more on my About page at

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