Still In Love…

…….with colour and like all the best love affairs requires the qualities of honesty, reflection, hope, joy,  to name but a few.

So I’ve been reflecting on how I use colour presently, looking honestly at what I aim to achieve.

As a child I responded to colours set out before me, as an adult I choose  colour and try to take charge of it’s effect.

Saturated colour is my preferred palette and lemon yellow is currently catching my eye, but it is the interaction between the tints & tones ,

hot & cool that makes for interesting discoveries and engages me in the process.

With my appliqued affirmations I am using colour in small amounts, in the form of thread, to create interplay between the coloured letters and the ground fabric.

Hoping to create a vibrant effect, hoping to enhance the message.

How do you like to use colour? What is today’s favourite colour ?

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