Message from The Universe – Part 2

I’ve been considering the relationship between fear and pain, not surprising given the arm fracture. ‘Fear:Pain Ratio’ is an alternative title for this piece and since last friday (24th Jan) i have completed a number of watercolours.This was the first.

I drew a grid with stepped lines, creating a ‘wall’ which was filled with a loose washes of colour straight from the palette. The darker shades were mixed from complementary colours to balance the blend. I waited for it to dry.

With my journal entry fresh in my mind and my favourite biro in hand (my non writing hand) I mapped out keys words and added my current doodle symbols (which my daughter-in-law suggested look like Adinkra symbols) To give each word more definition, it was ringed with a bold amorphous shape. At this stage the image was flat so extra 3D lines were drawn and filled to add depth and decoration. Then the colouring in arrived. Which colour next? The choice seemed to line up as I went along until it was complete. I wanted the colour to show through the layers- to create a veil like effect- because fear can be like that sometimes- like an invisible veil covering me.

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