Ritual – Day 1 and 2 #100 Days of Beautiful Words.

Two days into #100 Days of Beautiful Words and I have learned  8 things already.

1. I can’t help but think ahead and plan how to assemble the text into a bigger art textile rather than going with the daily ‘practice’

2. As a result of  1. I want all one hundred days worth of words in one place, so they are going on my dress.

3. The ground colour and pattern of the dress is dark and dominates, definition and contrast is needed.

4. The inner critic is alive and well (unfortunately) it is devious and subtle.

5. Engaging with this project is good for focus.

6. My routine needs to be refined. I need a system. Or to put it in a more beautiful way , I need a ritual.

7. Ritual is my word for day 2.

8. Spring has arrived.

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