‘h’ is for haberdashery


‘h’ was my first choice letter today and provided todays title.

So yesterday (Day 2) I nipped Into town to replenish supplies.  MacCulloch and Wallis and John Lewis were my destinations. As I turned left into Dering Street, it was looking decidedly quiet, maybe because there is major cross rail works going on , but as I approached, the door was closed ( usually open) and then my worst fear.. An empty white filled space, no flashes of cloth, no busy people coming and going, all very quiet and sedate. The gallery had some colourful painting though, I was in half a mind to go in, to see the art up close and enquire about MacCulloch and Wallis. I checked online instead, to see , and really really hope, that they’ve just relocated and not fallen victim to the online revolution ( that helped my search ….) What a relief, thank goodness, yes ! they are in Poland Street now. Makes sense actually to be near Berwick street and the cloth shops there. The new website looks cool too.
So as you were, every thing is alright. This is one of the benefits of living in this fantastic metropolis, having specialist shops a bus ride away. But as my mild panic for the potential demise of my haberdasher of choice shows, maybe I should be appreciating it and them more often.

MacCulloch and Wallis – Haberdashers – suppliers of stitching goodness

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