Clutter Confession #4. A Song and Dance

The backlog of indecision is piled up. Again.

Clearing clutter away is like being on a archeological dig, going back into history, peeling back the layers of time. I have a pretty good idea of what is physically stored and taking up space. An emotional element lays buried, dormant, holding up the process. The fear is digging too deep and too fast, ( by my time frame, that is ) to expose the emotions that caused the clutter in the first place . It is this.

To worry about making the wrong move. Putting it off ( indeterminately) then tackling a little bit of it and then delaying some more. The procrastination dance, forward, backward pause, forward, stop. Then repeat a significant time later.

There is plenty of advice out there of ways to deal with removing stuff. And plenty of before and after photos. What the books and tidy gurus don’t share is how to cope with emotional clutter. No before , during and after photos on that one. No, the secret desire is that the tidy fairy will visit overnight and do it for me and face my fears for me too.

Its always time to face the music and learn the tidy tango, one step at a time.

Reveal what needs to be revealed. Garner courage deal with the consequences.

I have followed the Marie Kondo method and it has worked beautifully for my clothes and books. And the tidying I did as a topic for the #100 day project has stayed Organised. So really it’s time to take the last step forward and no steps back. To trust that all that needs to be, will be, released and space and energy will join in. Change the Chi, change the energy. Make it like it is to be made. Create space like a piece of art, aim for beauty. Dance.

Published by Maggie Winnall

Hello, I'm Maggie, I am an artist who writes in fabric and thread, stitching the 'text' into textiles and colour into quilts..... You can read more on my About page at

4 thoughts on “Clutter Confession #4. A Song and Dance

  1. I’d also like a:
    Financial Fairy
    Diet & Nutrition Fairy
    Exercise Fairy
    Stay Focused Fairy
    Prioritisation Fairy
    Communication Fairy
    The list goes on 🤣

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