My prayer has found me

Cynthia introduced me to ‘The Lotus and The Lily’ by Janet Connor. Cynthia was finishing up her mandala and had posted it on Instagram. I was curious. Cynthia is a person to trust, being a true voice in the scheme of things. Always holding heart and space for women’s creativity, she walks her talk.

The process of going through ‘The Lotus and The Lily’ was a revelation. There are so many syncroncities to become aware of. I can’t remember if ‘The Lotus and The Lily’ came before yoga and meditation practice but it all happened around the same time and has changed my life.

Why? Because it introduced me to prayer. Because it deals with Buddhism and Christianity, it uses teachings from these faiths, not a singular dogmatic message. This aligns with my sensibilities, as personally I believe that ‘God’ , The Universe, or ‘The Higher Power’ is ‘One Thing’ only, bigger than we can ever comprehend and that the various world religions are human/regional interpretations of One God.

Just as we need food to eat, each locality produces its own cuisine according to ingredients available. And just as how food culture has criss crossed over the world, we eat a diet from a variety of influences, so too has the message of spirit. The essence of each is the same, the rules of each is the same. It’s how we use it.

My prayer has found me. To break some hidden taboo that permeated into my life unseen. To be allowed to pray, to be free to pray, not a secret thing. And I’ve noticed that most faith practices pray kneeling, sitting, genuflecting. It seems that to get to heaven you have to humble yourself and connect with the earth on which you rest. The earth that provides you with food.

If you are interested in cultivating your creativity and /or your spiritual practice I recommend checking out :

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‘The Lotus and The Lily’ by Janet Connor

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One thought on “My prayer has found me

  1. Sounds like have been on, and are still on, quite a journey!
    Just reflecting on where these posts started, setting sail for turquoise seas on the boat called Epiphany.

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