Clutter Confession #4. A Song and Dance

The backlog of indecision is piled up. Again. Clearing clutter away is like being on a archeological dig, going back into history, peeling back the layers of time. I have a pretty good idea of what is physically stored and taking up space. An emotional element lays buried, dormant, holding up the process. The fearContinue reading “Clutter Confession #4. A Song and Dance”

A boat named επφάνεια

I’m setting sail on a boat named επφάνεια – Epiphany, in search of turquoise sea, or in Monday to Friday, everyday language , I’m taking part in a writing experiment. The challenge is to publish my words every week day for three weeks, starting today. Why the Greek name ? Because I’m ten days intoContinue reading “A boat named επφάνεια”