Journal Writing, Truth and Meaning

Do you journal ? I do, I use my journal to process my thoughts, to work out what and how I think. To gain insight and understanding and to learn. My journal writing arrives on the page in a stream of consciousness. The writing is swift. My textile word work on the other hand, isContinue reading “Journal Writing, Truth and Meaning”

Clutter Confession #3 things aren’t as bad as they seem

I’m happy to share my ‘Finishing Project’ progress today. 11 finished hand quilted wall pieces with a couple of ideas floating along. And here’s the thing, I’ve been working very slowly through these, with deep chasms of delay along the way. I’ve found that although I get caught up in ‘that dark head space’ IContinue reading “Clutter Confession #3 things aren’t as bad as they seem”

Yes I Can

I’ve set myself the task of finishing 8 Quilts by 31 December 2019. Admittedly they are small pieces, because of this I am hand quilting them. This makes them portable and easy to take to the ‘in real life’ quilt group I’ve joined. ‘Stitchers’ in Herne Hill are very welcoming ! I’ve also joined anContinue reading “Yes I Can”


A red orange thread enhances the orange letters, turquoise sets off the complementary colours nicely. #Lovelist is growing. More and more words are being made, more bubbles are sewn, more skill is developed as I find new and improved ways to cut the fabrics to fit and more skill sewing them together. Growing in confidence.