Textile Art in the Garden

It is my day 53 in the #100 Days of Making Project. I say ‘my’ day 53, because the A* people are on day 63. This ten day gap has opened up and revealed secret thought processes (once I got over berating myself !) Thought processes that have been running the show for the longestContinue reading “Textile Art in the Garden”

7.Days Down and a couple of questions?

It’s day 50 today, the official count of ‘#100 days of making’. My day counts in at 43 and as you can see from the images above progress has been made. This (new for me!) concept of consistency is raising Questions, like, is it ok to be fairly consistent ? As being a ‘good enoughContinue reading “7.Days Down and a couple of questions?”

Thrive, Prosper and Art.

My daughter Simone suggested that I write sentences with my words. Words are generally used in a structured context, with all the grammatical accessories, except in poetry and song lyrics, slogans for advertising  and promotional products. I have chosen to use the project title literally ( no pun intended ) as I like how eachContinue reading “Thrive, Prosper and Art.”

Faith Renewed

I’m on Day 20 of #100 Days of Beautiful Words. You can see the words and colours  growing up the front of the dress. It amounts to one fifth of the total area and I’m hoping there will be enough space for the full lexicon. The schedule however is on Day 22, so some extra stitchingContinue reading “Faith Renewed”

Ritual – Day 1 and 2 #100 Days of Beautiful Words.

Two days into #100 Days of Beautiful Words and I have learned  8 things already. 1. I can’t help but think ahead and plan how to assemble the text into a bigger art textile rather than going with the daily ‘practice’ 2. As a result of  1. I want all one hundred days worth ofContinue reading “Ritual – Day 1 and 2 #100 Days of Beautiful Words.”