green for love and healing © maggie winnall 2011green for love and healing _7 © maggie winnall 2011 green for love and healing © maggie winnall 2011

I like to try out variations and see the outcome of adding or subtracting shapes.

I  take pictures as a record of process and also it helps to have an objective eye

,as represented by the camera.

Florence Nightingale

green for love and healing........© maggie winnall 2011
green for love and healing........© maggie winnall 2011

I joined in a quilt project just before Christmas last year, the emphasis on using recycled materials, and Florence Nightingale as inspiration. We visited the Florence Nightingale Museum , the venue for the quilt exhibition, and had an interesting talk by artist Susan Stockwell. We were asked to produce a 20cm square and there are many and varied interpretations. This is the beginning of mine.

samplers 1, 2 & 3

quilt sampler 1 © maggie winnall 2011
quilt sampler 1 © maggie winnall 2011

here is the first of  quilts constructed from samplers……two more to follow…..

quilt sampler 2 © maggie winnall 2011
quilt sampler 2 © maggie winnall 2011
quilt sampler 3 © maggie winnall 2011
quilt sampler 3 © maggie winnall 2011

quilt sampler is the working title . I will work more on these and build up the non quilted areas.


In the tradition of constructing a quilt from sampler blocks, I am composing my version from some of my quilted samples. These were made some time ago, when I  was experimenting with  cloth, testing sample wadding, creating my own patterns and practising  techniques. There is a  stash of samples that grew  from this time and I am surprised to see how much I have made. Lots of  interesting beginnings, trying things out for their own sake, without  a plan in mind, yet this colour and cloth combination  shows some promise and for me is quite subtle.



little hands……

It appears little hands (of the grandchild variety!)…… have contributed to my last post, edited the title, one picture and some of the content! I am leaving it as it is… that next time I will pay more attention …….

±±±/JJ B 212

d” Illustrations made at the  December LIFE meeting were added to the LIFE Jackets .

LIFE JACKET reverse detail © maggie winnall 2011 (illustration © Pam Williams)

That afternoon session had us all  cutting, rolling and gluing  paper beads, which is more tricky than it looks,(for me anyway) getting the paper to stick well, despite expert guidance from Soraia . We all left with brightly coloured bracelets.

Finished Stitching for LIFE!

Ten pieces finished, ready to assemble into LIFE Jackets. The name given to the information packs. How to survive LIFE , a creative, environmental and spiritual guide to running a group of like minded women, open to all faiths (or not) of life. 

I like them up on the design wall as a collection. And here there are some that are finished……..

folded and wrapped and tied. All made from recycled materials and made with

love. Which brings me back to the topic of VALUE……to value something because it brings pleasure, because you love making, creating original art work, the value in being satisfied,the value in being happy as a result. Value.

More stitching for LIFE

the pieces  amount to seven now. I have 3 more to make. It has taken more time, much more time, than I planned for. A lesson to learn and a choice to make ?

To work in a time specific way and compromise on quality ? Or make quality work, to  invest  time and care,  to create VALUE…..which is measured how?



Stitching for LIFE

I’ve been making these….

….for LIFE  (Local Initiative for Faith and the Environment) here in Lambeth South London. LIFE brings together women from different faith groups who share a common and concerned interest for the environment. In July last year I went on a LIFE retreat here and ran  a short workshop hand stitching oyster card (London bus pass) holders. 

Some of  the Muslim sisters are not keen to have photo’s published, hence the empty barn. (All of the other pictures  taken were group shots.) Being on retreat in an interfaith community was  an interesting and enriching experience.  I hope it is repeated this year.

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