design wall finished and Affirmative Art!

To celebrate the finished job  and to get off to the best start,  I have put up an affirmation……….

as a  blessing.  to be thankful it’s finished. To look forward to using it.

The design wall measures approximately 3.6m wide and 2.4m high,, plenty of space to grow my art.

New Theme…..

I’ve discovered this new theme layout. I will try it for a while to see how it goes. I like the header (soon to be customised) and I like this font. As I am making changes,a new studio,getting to the studio regularly, taking online classes with ARTBIZ coach, might as well try a new blog layout too.What do you think?


© maggie winnall 2011the computer table legs (from home office) have been married with castors meant for Ikea Besta units.

The table legs are high..90cm..a good height  for my cutting table, and, as all furniture needs to be mobile to allow for flexible space configuration, I tried them out with the Besta castors, and it worked!  I also added castors to the red table, which nestles nicely under the cutting table. The gate leg table will get wheels next, the bottom of the legs will have to be sawn level……this should be interesting and I have been putting it off.



© maggie winnall 2011

storage and space

i have been concentrating on creating the space .

Now it’s time to create the textiles…….

from the storage chest ……..which is fabulous as it accomodates everything….. leaving space clear to concentrate on the task at hand.


before and after and ongoing

as well as moving studio I have been organising  files, folders, reconfiguring my home office space .  I have been working through Go! Get Organised an online class for art business administration and management. It has been an eye opener for me. I have learnt so much, am surprised  at what I have accomplished and also that I was more organised than I realised!

the office space before………

and ‘after’

design wall

The wall with the cupboard door (the second image from my last post) is going to the  design wall. It has the largest flat area, it can be viewed from a distance and has natural light coming from the window on the right hand side (out of view). I will have to navigate the overhead pipes and the plug sockets to get the result I want. A soft pinboard , affordable and lightweight, covered in a neutral coloured chad should do the trick.  This is the first design wall I have attempted, following methods gleaned form the web. More about this later.

The studio furniture is to be on wheels, so that the space can be reconfigured easily and as long as the brakes function well and hold the tables securely, it will work nicely.

So this week  castors will be fitted into the red table legs. The castors were bought  from Ikea and to these adapt these to suit my needs it will need lag bolts to insert into the leg ends.

Once this has been tried and tested, the plan is to add castors to a 90 x 146 cm and 8o cm high table which will make a great surface to spread out on. Although I have been considering the floor as an attractive option…….

Next item up for consideration are the red pipes.…I am not allowed to paint them (H&S reasons) so some creative curtains are on their way !!

New Studio floor

I’ve had a painted week…the floor has now had three coats of floor paint and I decided to paint the entrance area(beyond the open doors)

too. The white really lightens the space up….we’ll see how practical it is!

In her book “I’d rather be in the studio” Alyson B Stanfield recommends that you define success for yourself. I’ve been considering my definitions of success recently and one simple one is : completing a task within a specific time frame. When this happens it is very satisfying as I found out after I had laid down the first coat and had undercoated the skirting boards in one session.. Some one else who is visiting definitions of success is Lisa Call.

New Studio

double door entry to new studio-directly opposite design wallWELCOME… to my new studio! It seems all the sorting, folding and making an inventory of my studio equipment, furniture and cloth was all for this……. I hope you will join me to see how the space evolves and shapes into my creative hub of quilt making and workshops. I found it by accident, it’s short term,(risky I know, but I’m treating like a residency, time limited ) it has double glazed windows with no draughts, and a storage cupboard /room! It means I can face the winter now, be focused,productive and invite guests to workshops….

east facing corner of studio featuring storage cupboard!this will be the design wall

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