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Paper piecing

Here is a  composition pieced in paper. I like the reflective quality of the turquiose.

It really glows in artificial light.

Currrently I am having my web pages designed by my graphic designer, it is an exciting venture.

It really helps that my designer is also my sister, jude . ( This is the first time we have worked together and it  is giving me insight into the knowledge, skill and experience jude brings to the table. It is an interesting process as it helps to focus ideas and intention, it’s like a visual business plan and slowly things are shaping up. I’m looking forward to posting the links to my own web page soon! and others too, as i learn the skills how.


I’ve spent much time working at home this winter as my studio was too cold. As a result I have accumulated much cloth here at home. I’ve been sorting it out and in doing so realise that I have a commitment to using every last scrap of fabric, putting it to good use! So I am connecting with this age old quilting tradition. The next issue is : how to organise all the little and larger pieces so they are readily available and accessible to use. It feels a little OCD (!) but I see it as a challenge, to make the most of what is here, for my working space and working process to function well. Also as I view the shapes I can see how a quilt may well create itself! whether just to use what is present in front of me and let the shapes determine themselves organically or to cut and shape things myself. The smaller the shape, the more limited the choice? It will be an interesting process.

‘Themes and Variations’ at Red Gate Gallery

Red Gate Gallery ‘Themes and Variations’
Currently I have seven contemporary textile art works in the Red Gate Gallery in Coldharbour Lane Brixton. They are part of a group exhibition entitled ‘Themes and Variations’, other works include painting by Errol Linton, Dominic Hanley and painting on wood by Justin Hindley.
This is my first exhibition of my textile/quilts and I feel satisfied to see my work in a gallery setting. There are three full colour abstract quilts, ‘Red Shoes 9 and 10’, ‘Encourage’ and the beginning of ‘Affirmation’, my series which will explore an affirmation as a visual statement. I’m curious to see how making this work will impact on my intention, confidence and commitment to my art making. Seeing my textile works in the gallery has felt right, so something must be working! I also see this blog as an extension of ‘Affirmation’, another place to affirm my art making and to record my progress and development.
As a group exhibition, the work complements each other and the show flows organically with each artists’ collection feeding to the next artist. It all feels good.

tote bags

another bag from the sew to sell projectHere is another bag from the collection we made at Glenbrook. I am hoping to sell them at a local shop in Brixton market .

Also i have joined TTBrixton,(transition town) and am involved in setting up the meetings for the textiles and clothes group. The group seems to be finding its feet at the moment so it will be interesting to see how things develop. If you are local and want to get involved then you are most welcome., if you are distanced(!) your comments and suggestions and interests are welcome too.

Glenbrook sewing project

The glenbrook sewing project is going well despite losing momentum due to illness, we have completed some bags,one range is styled with patchwork piecing and the other is a larger sized tote from furnishing weight cloth. It is all from up cycled cloth some of which was bought from Simply Fabrics, a local shop in Brixton that buys in end of roll fabrics from the fashion and furnishing design houses in the west end. It is such an interesting shop as you never know what you will find! an aladdins cave really! Now i am supposed to link this Simply Fabric plug, or do I tag it? Who knows! At the moment I am posting it anyway.

Also on the agenda is an exciting project.It involves empty shops in Brixton being utilized in creative ways. I am hoping to be involved in this so I will keep you posted!

Glenbrook creative quilt and sewing project

I have been leading a sewing group comprising parents and carers at Glenbrook  School South London. I teach basic machine skills, design and rotary piecing. We are making tote bags to sell at market. It is planned to have a stall at Dulwich farmers market and maybe somewhere else the weekend of the 21/22nd November. I plan to post some more of the finished bags for you to view.

bag making project Glenbrook school South London
tote bag making project Glenbrook school South London

This sewing group is a follow on from the creative quilt project we ran in the summer term. This was a wall quilt made by parents and carers, again who were new to sewing, to create a ‘Welcome’ to the room that is designated for them to use. We entered our quilt in the group category at the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham this year, and received a  positive response from the judges. The “Welcome Parents and Carers” message on the quilt is repeated in Urdu, Somali and Portuguese the next most spoken languages in the school after English.

work in progress 'Welcome Parents and Carers'
work in progress 'Welcome Parents and Carers' in English and Urdu. 

DSC00359 Here is the finished quilt before delivering it to the pick up point in Greenwich.

I was invited to lead this project by Girda Niles who is the Parent Partnership Co-ordinator at Glenbrook. Her role is to foster parent/carer inclusion in school life. This project has been funded by the  Clapham Park Project,  a local initiative to create  projects developed by and delivered within the community.

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