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Affirmation turns up in life as statements to self, in the present tense, to manifest the qualities or things you want in your life. As in ‘I am rich’  or ‘money flows freely to me’ or ‘my life is beautiful’. Affirmations for money status, health status, the status of being alive and here. They are spoken or written to help bring about dreams and desires, to affirm life in all it’s glory.

But what about the every day Affirmations that possibly go unnoticed. Someone calls my name..Maggie…affirms me, a smile from a stranger in the street, on the bus, you are affirmed by their smile, when someone holds a door open for you, you are affirmed, a small child waves to you.. you are seen and affirmed. Simple everyday exchanges that occur between strangers…

I consider the opposite.

You hold the door open for someone and they breeze through with no thanks or acknowledgement – don’t you just feel annoyed about their thoughtlessness? Downright rudeness, as you might see it? Because you have not been affirmed in return- you’ve been rendered invisible.
When I wait for someone running for my bus and they fly onboard, tap in and move to their seat..zilch, di nada, no smile, nothing. I have seen them but they don’t see me..do they think the bus drives itself? Then you have to realise that people are preoccupied with problems, late for a meeting, going to visit someone sick in hospital, getting to work on time.
And there are the times when there is no need to be seen in Driver role, I wait for you running up ..I’m lost in the working day and want to get going, snap the doors shut and race on.

And then there is the best affirmation.

I recently saw street sleepers a kip in a doorway, when another man carrying a Mac D’s strolled past. He gently tapped one of them on the shoulder and got no response, so he stooped down and left his meal beside the homeless man and went on his way. The affirmation of humanity.



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Learning Curves


I’m practising my learning curves, in more ways than one. Literally in the sense of stitching curved shapes together and metaphorically to practice and learn to be humble in the face of mastery. That I somehow expect to be able to just do things without any sweat or toil or effort …. that it will all fall into my lap as a gift… but the gift is really the learning curve…. sometimes you just have to admit that it’s not as straightforward as you think. The dilemma of constructing the #State of Mind Map ‘bubbles’ has to be resolved.

This is why you have been dragging your feet, because you don’t know how to do it!  Contrary to what your head is telling you, which is to work it out in your mind’s eye and visualise the end result. You know by now that all the mental planning is aiming for the perfect result and is nothing like how it will be in reality. Thanks to my Coach for this prompt, that if you know what it’s going to be like, there is no room for surprise and this is what we want after all.

So I’ve humbled to the process to practice a technical skill at which I will improve, the more I practice. Practice makes perfect …. that word again… practice makes better, improved, growing, good enough. There, that’s better, new and improved iterations of curves and learning how to stitch them together. I have a book that escaped the book cull of last year, which has instructions on how to do the same. It’s all about notches, lining up the edges, marking them so the edges match and easing the concave side to fit the convex side. The first attempt ended up with little gathers, which became tiny pleats when I pressed the cloth flat. Still, there are more to make and it will become easier.

I tidied the table and was left with a pile of cloth that I don’t know what to do with, so these bits and pieces will be used for my #learning curves. It will be fun to see them pile up and improve, be surprised at how they look together.

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Rose Tinted World


A rose tinted world stitched in the secret garden, a glorious afternoon spent listening in to life. A squirrel rummaging in the bin, airplanes coursing , parakeets squawking, a squabble of crows swooped in . Then  calls and cries of children from the nearby paddling pool echoed all around, zoo like, alongside murmurs of hushed conversations passing by.

The garden shared secrets. As I stitched and took photos, the links between the images came into view. The dress I wore to mums funeral, ‘the world’ cloth  mum bought for me from the fabric shop in Brixton,  heaven scent from the roses ( she had a beautiful rose garden) and the exotic magnolia still blooming in July ( which mum couldn’t grow in her garden on account of the soil, but loved anyway.)

sometimes,  you have to pause , whether you like it or not, to assimilate, before you are able to proceed.



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Seeing is Believing

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What we believe is not always clear. And our beliefs are not always based on the truth. For example, the ‘inner critic’ that rabbits on telling us negative ideas about ourselves, creating unnecessary doubt and uncertainty when it would be better to take action based on what comes from the heart of things, from intuition, from our place of truth. Then we can get to the bottom of what we believe.


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Still In Love…


…….with colour and like all the best love affairs requires the qualities of honesty, reflection, hope, joy,  to name but a few.

So I’ve been reflecting on how I use colour presently, looking honestly at what I aim to achieve.

As a child I responded to colours set out before me, as an adult I choose  colour and try to take charge of it’s effect.

Saturated colour is my preferred palette and lemon yellow is currently catching my eye, but it is the interaction between the tints & tones ,

hot & cool that makes for interesting discoveries and engages me in the process.

With my appliqued affirmations I am using colour in small amounts, in the form of thread, to create interplay between the coloured letters and the ground fabric.

Hoping to create a vibrant effect, hoping to enhance the message.

How do you like to use colour? What is today’s favourite colour ?

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Falling in Love…..

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…….with colour.

In the attic room, scattered on the floor were a few wax crayons and a scrap of paper.

We were viewing the house. It was for sale. Dad picked up a crayon and rubbed it across the page,

he added a different colour over the top then more colour again, the bright clear hues merging into a thick layer of browny-grey .Voila! My first art lesson and encounter with colour.

Around this time, my best chum Julie turns 5 years old, it is sunny September and for her birthday she receives a ballerina colouring book and a box of crayons. I sit on the floor of Julies’ hallway in the shadowy light. I look at the black outlined shapes of ballet shoes and legs and dancers pirouetting. My eyes move over to the slim palette of crayons, along the narrow coloured sticks. They are neatly arranged in colour value like keys on a piano. I am astonished. I can’t believe my eyes.    I can’t believe my eyes.

A silent symphony of beauty stretches before me. My eyes move back and forth taking it all in, the deep dark tones of browns,black and greys. Reds and oranges, blue, dark blue, light blue, even lighter blue, turquoise,(think the sweep of harp strings) blue green, green blue, flat olive green, green yellow or is it yellow green? further along I see pink of every description, peach and caramel. Caramel! Tints and tones and colours I didn’t know existed. Finishing up, right at the end of the tray, matt waxy silver and gold! All perfect shades for ballerinas, all perfect shades for me. It is amazing. I fall in love. I am 4.

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Intuition: friend or foe?

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white font letters appliqued onto blue african print fabric


Intuition is my guide.

Intuition as the threshold for adventure, the place to go, the place to listen

and hear your knowing voice, a small voice, not loud and brash and shouting, but a quiet insistent

recurring voice, coming back time and again to hint at the direction to take, the choice to make,

the nudge into action. Your intuition may make complete sense or may seem illogical.

but you can only benefit from following your gut instincts. At least this is what I find.

What about you? How does your intuition work for you?