Journal Writing, Truth and Meaning

Do you journal ? I do, I use my journal to process my thoughts, to work out what and how I think. To gain insight and understanding and to learn. My journal writing arrives on the page in a stream of consciousness. The writing is swift. My textile word work on the other hand, isContinue reading “Journal Writing, Truth and Meaning”

Clutter Confession #3 things aren’t as bad as they seem

I’m happy to share my ‘Finishing Project’ progress today. 11 finished hand quilted wall pieces with a couple of ideas floating along. And here’s the thing, I’ve been working very slowly through these, with deep chasms of delay along the way. I’ve found that although I get caught up in ‘that dark head space’ IContinue reading “Clutter Confession #3 things aren’t as bad as they seem”

Yes I Can

I’ve set myself the task of finishing 8 Quilts by 31 December 2019. Admittedly they are small pieces, because of this I am hand quilting them. This makes them portable and easy to take to the ‘in real life’ quilt group I’ve joined. ‘Stitchers’ in Herne Hill are very welcoming ! I’ve also joined anContinue reading “Yes I Can”


A red orange thread enhances the orange letters, turquoise sets off the complementary colours nicely. #Lovelist is growing. More and more words are being made, more bubbles are sewn, more skill is developed as I find new and improved ways to cut the fabrics to fit and more skill sewing them together. Growing in confidence.

Learning Curves

  I’m practising my learning curves, in more ways than one. Literally in the sense of stitching curved shapes together and metaphorically to practice and learn to be humble in the face of mastery. That I somehow expect to be able to just do things without any sweat or toil or effort …. that itContinue reading “Learning Curves”