Do Your Best

Do. Your. Best. Mum’s maxim still rings in my ears, even after all this time. The power of words to linger, to imprint in your mind, to guide, to remind. ‘do’ is hand stitched.  I’ve taken the stitches across the letters here, to echo the background. I love to hand stitch. I love machine stitchingContinue reading “Do Your Best”

Fast and Slow

This is a fast and slow process. It is about the speedy sewing machine, where the fabric is manipulated with free flowing movement. The machine whip stitch causes the bobbin thread to be pulled to the top, creating little dots and pulls around the circles, echoing the edge stitch of the letter. I like this spontenaiety.Continue reading “Fast and Slow”

Glenbrook sewing project

The glenbrook sewing project is going well despite losing momentum due to illness, we have completed some bags,one range is styled with patchwork piecing and the other is a larger sized tote from furnishing weight cloth. It is all from up cycled cloth some of which was bought from Simply Fabrics, a local shop inContinue reading “Glenbrook sewing project”

Glenbrook creative quilt and sewing project

I have been leading a sewing group comprising parents and carers at Glenbrook  School South London. I teach basic machine skills, design and rotary piecing. We are making tote bags to sell at market. It is planned to have a stall at Dulwich farmers market and maybe somewhere else the weekend of the 21/22nd November.Continue reading “Glenbrook creative quilt and sewing project”