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#100 Day Result – Time Lapse photo

Hand and machine stitched letters in intuitive art textile by Maggie Winnall at Sewin Studio
#100 Day Result © Maggie Winnall

#100 Day Result.  Time lapse photo, As in a month has passed since its completion. Flouting the rules of marketing, always the rebel. But honest.

It was coincidence that the warm and cool colours balanced 50/50. A happy accident I’d say. Towards the end of the project, around day 75, the compositions became more abstract, with the shapes and tonal values of the letters and ground stitch merging together. I found my process.

And the fonts that have contrast are more identifiable, especially the the pale letters against the ground fabric. Like the signage on a road, which is apt since its where I’ve spent much of my time. On the road. Another rebel story.

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Do Your Best


Do. Your. Best.

Mum’s maxim still rings in my ears, even after all this time. The power of words to linger, to imprint in your mind, to guide, to remind.

‘do’ is hand stitched.  I’ve taken the stitches across the letters here, to echo the background. I love to hand stitch. I love machine stitching also. There’s no need to choose one above the other, just enjoy each process.

As this project develops, I notice I am searching for specific letters to complete a word. There are no ‘b’s’ left, so I reversed a ‘d’ instead. I could expand the lexicon but will stick to the plan and only use the remaining letters. Keep some boundaries, test some limits. It will only be a problem if I want to spell.

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Fast and Slow

This is a fast and slow process. It is about the speedy sewing machine, where the fabric is manipulated with free flowing movement. The machine whip stitch causes the bobbin thread to be pulled to the top, creating little dots and pulls around the circles, echoing the edge stitch of the letter. I like this spontenaiety.
Then it’s slow and purposeful, stitching by hand to define the letter. The choice of colour and weight of thread influence the outcome. Using the same thread on the letter as on the back ground creates balance, using a weightier thread brings colour and texture to the surface.

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Day 4 #100 Day Result

I am switching my routine, to stitch first and then do yoga, because I had a strange feeling in my head yesterday after I posted on the blog. The crown of my head felt weird, I couldn’t get out of that place, involved with words, technology, stuck the virtual space of my head and the internet, it seemed like one and the same thing.
How did I remedy it ? it did the dishes, yep, I stood washing up the dishes,  back to a safe,  familiar, scenario…Woman  Washing  Dishes…trying to ground myself and return to my whole body. I think yoga will be a better solution.

So now I’ve completed my little stitches for today. I love the colour, it is bright, vivid and warm. The circle or ring is an ancient and universal symbol.
I like it, I like the shape, this ‘O’ . It is pleasant to stitch, no sharp, untidy corners, with exactly the right amount of thread on the needle. It looked as though the thread was going to run out but didn’t. Then lots of little ideas arrived, how I might make micro changes.

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Letter ‘f’



The letter ‘f’ picked at random and kept for its pale blue as light as todays sky. The nearly vintage 80’s furnishing print is in a greyish palette of pink and purples/blues. Not too happy with the overall effect of the blue and the green thread,  I prefer yesterday’s brighter colours and contrast. Here come the likes and dislikes, to discern as you go. We will see how it works In the over all scheme of things. One day at a time. One letter at a time. Focus. Simple. Is there anything more to say on today’s rendition of the letter ‘f’? It was chosen for its colour primarily, and because I like the detail shape of the top of the ‘f’ the curve and bar going across the stem. I’m sure there are words for the features of a letter, this is the realm of calligraphy.  I like letters and I like to see their shapes enlarged in cloth. The colour and stitching adds dimension.

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Rose Tinted World


A rose tinted world stitched in the secret garden, a glorious afternoon spent listening in to life. A squirrel rummaging in the bin, airplanes coursing , parakeets squawking, a squabble of crows swooped in . Then  calls and cries of children from the nearby paddling pool echoed all around, zoo like, alongside murmurs of hushed conversations passing by.

The garden shared secrets. As I stitched and took photos, the links between the images came into view. The dress I wore to mums funeral, ‘the world’ cloth  mum bought for me from the fabric shop in Brixton,  heaven scent from the roses ( she had a beautiful rose garden) and the exotic magnolia still blooming in July ( which mum couldn’t grow in her garden on account of the soil, but loved anyway.)

sometimes,  you have to pause , whether you like it or not, to assimilate, before you are able to proceed.




#100 Days of Beautiful Words

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I’m catching a ride on the fresh energy of spring towards the promise of high days, bright days, colour and blooms. My # 100 Days of Beautiful Words will take me there, July 14th to be exact, when this project reaches completion, to bloom in all it’s glory.
Now I’m as surprised as you that I’m joining in #100 Days of Making and my curiosity is growing as I imagine a stack of stitched cloths, piled high and complete.
In my intro on Instagram, I opened with ‘I’m not a fan of discipline’…as a means of setting the scene and I planned to expand on this, here on the blog. But you know what ? I realised that this approach is just a pre project disclaimer, my get out clause, setting up excuses before I even start ! An inkling, a hint, in case I fail.
No! Not this time.
My intention is to hand cut, hand stitch little cloth letters and words, each day- starting tomorrow April 6th for 100 days until July 14th 2015. To make beautiful words that have meaning for me, to be open to the process and to learn what commitment and discipline really mean.
I’m sharing my progress, warts and all here, so please do follow along, or better still, why not join in yourself ?
Here are the details : #100 Days of Making


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Express Yourself


Express Yourself_6/detail©2013MaggieWinnall_Affirmative applique_Hope In Your Handbag™_purse_machine pieced and quilted textile_hand embellished applique_pink_red_white font_kisslock frame_stripes_orange_multicolour_redIT looks like I will have to unpick

yourself‘, the white twill cloth is fraying and this is not the look I want. I may even change the font while I’m at it…sometimes when you have invested time and energy, it’s hard to admit the results aren’t working and make the changes…..but once you do…it releases stuck energy, you feel better. Are you convinced?Express Yourself_5 © 2013MaggieWinnall_Affirmative applique_Hope In Your Handbag™_purse_machine pieced and quilted textile_hand embellished applique_pink_red_white font_kisslock frame_stripes_orange_multicolour_red