Use It or Lose It

Declaring my intention has motivated me into action.! I have been completing unfinished tasks. Last week the studio  was  re organised.  Adopting  the “USE IT or LOSE IT” approach coupled with  ‘keeping that which I love’ has done the trick. I started by making a list of the personal tools, materials and equipment I useContinue reading “Use It or Lose It”

design wall finished and Affirmative Art!

To celebrate the finished job  and to get off to the best start,  I have put up an affirmation………. as a  blessing.  to be thankful it’s finished. To look forward to using it. The design wall measures approximately 3.6m wide and 2.4m high,, plenty of space to grow my art.

design wall

The wall with the cupboard door (the second image from my last post) is going to the  design wall. It has the largest flat area, it can be viewed from a distance and has natural light coming from the window on the right hand side (out of view). I will have to navigate the overheadContinue reading “design wall”