#100 Days of Beautiful Words

I’m catching a ride on the fresh energy of spring towards the promise of high days, bright days, colour and blooms. My # 100 Days of Beautiful Words will take me there, July 14th to be exact, when this project reaches completion, to bloom in all it’s glory. Now I’m as surprised as you thatContinue reading “#100 Days of Beautiful Words”

All Change!

‘The only constant in life is change’ which is certainly true for my year so far. There was temporary change when I fractured my arm, which thankfully has healed and now a permanent change is upon me- I’m saying goodbye to the lovely space that has been home to my art making and moving toContinue reading “All Change!”

Make It, Sell It ! day at the Business and IP Centre at The British Library

In preparation for the Make It, Sell It! day at theBusiness and IP Centre at the British Library today I discovered ‘flow‘, making postcard flyers , tweaking my website info and adapting finishing touches to a bag to take to the event. Moving from one action to the next, knowing the next action to take,Continue reading “Make It, Sell It ! day at the Business and IP Centre at The British Library”