I was mentally searching for the right word to put on here. I found ‘grow’ among my box of tricks. I had a choice of pink or green/white. ‘The right words at the right time’ you’d be mine’ Lyrics from Tracy Chapman float into my head. 
I like how the densely stitched shapes create an undulating surface. The bicolour letters blend in and out of the back ground colour. Not too obvious.
Initially the letters were fed into the sewing machine , one snapped needle later and a chorus of profanity I decide it’s better to hand stitch through the layers. 

I love the sensation of stitching into quilted cloth. it’s meaty as the needle sinks in, passes through and the tug of thread as it tails out, tautens, comes to a halt. 
As I stitch all manner of thoughts come and go.. It creates a space to think, the hands are occupied .

Original Oyster Card holders at Brixton Makers Market

Sewin Studio at Brixton Maker's MarketThere was such a great atmosphere at the Makers Market in Brixton yesterday. Everybody is so friendly, you get to meet such interesting people and with support from the family,  it was a good day.

All stall holders at the Makers Market are from Brixton, making it a unique local market.  There is such a wealth and variety of creativity here in this town – it is wonderful to see and to be part of it. Ceramics, painting, knitwear,jewellery, Indian head massage, accessories, home made cakes, preserves…original, individually home made produce. The music sellers provided a cool soundtrack of soul and reggae grooves and there was plenty too when it came to grabbing some lunch. A savoury feast of international flavours to entice and a selection of sweets and cakes to melt anyone’s resolve.detail of sewin studio display © maggie winnall 2011

My new, improved display attracted attention, compliments and sales. Although there is room for improvement still more signage and information etc. This time I had postcard style flyers to give people, so they know where to find me next time. Also you will notice from the above photo,I abandoned the bag idea in favour of stretching ‘No Title’ over a frame. I like the finish of the textile in this way, it gives a painterly presence to the work. I plan to finish more textile art this way in the future. And below is a detail of my patchwork and quilted oyster card holders…these one’s are using repurposed cloth,  lovely strong colours with contrasting stitching.

patchwork and quilted cloth 'art' oyster card holders © maggie winnall 2011

Some shots of market neighbours Eva  and Donna and Mare from  Natty Peep’s Market neighbour Eva © maggie winnall 2011market neighbours Donna and Mare © maggie winnall 2011and the ‘Bunting for Brixton’, 250 metres….yes , dedicated stitching by the hands of Stuart’s (one of the organisers) daughter , Harriet Horwood, who holds workshops Bunting for Brixton at the Maker's Market 12November © maggie winnall 2011where people can add their words and images of their Brixton to personalise the Bunting, and later…… under beautiful blue, when the sky stood still! © maggie winnall 2011an abstract …(yes, a creative interpretation!)  shot at the close of day’s trading.

The next market is on the 10th December and will feature a visit from Rasta Mouse, one for the grandchildren I think !