Intuition: friend or foe?

  Intuition is my guide. Intuition as the threshold for adventure, the place to go, the place to listen and hear your knowing voice, a small voice, not loud and brash and shouting, but a quiet insistent recurring voice, coming back time and again to hint at the direction to take, the choice to make,Continue reading “Intuition: friend or foe?”

Deadlines don’t work… Part 2

So many childhood messages can be loaded with negativity – don’t do this…don’t do that….or else…then negative consequences follow. It’s no wonder we procrastinate and are fearful to act. Giving myself a deadline to finish Aaliyah’s quilt was an attempt to kick the procrastination, instead all manner of obstacles presented themselves……. So I decided toContinue reading “Deadlines don’t work… Part 2”

Deadlines…don’t work & what I’ve been doing instead……

is trying out reverse applique inspired by this.   Using my hand as a motif has led me to make a series of ‘hand’ drawings,  and has inspired this for Aaliyah’s quilt It has prompted thought and appreciation for my hands and all the things they do.

The Quilt Top is Finished……

Now tomorrow it will be quilted….in simple grid pattern. The black square corners are already quilted, so the batting/wadding( the middle layer of the quilt) will be cut to fit the inside shapes, making a cross shape.The batting, although not seen, will echo nicely the central cross shape of the top. I like this shapeContinue reading “The Quilt Top is Finished……”

All Stitched Up private view

  It was also when I lived in Bramhall that I developed my horse obsession. My whole existence revolved around horses…..I learned to draw them from memory, it looks like I still can.* It was only recently that I understood horses and their power for healing. Horses carried me through a very difficult part ofContinue reading “All Stitched Up private view”