Radio Presenting and a Festive Invitation…

  Generation Radio became neighbours this summer and it is proving to be a positive relationship. They are a community radio station, broadcasting over the internet they deliver a wide range of shows and radio training, so to great surprise I find myself in the radio studio operating mixing decks, monitoring levels, learning how to present! It isContinue reading “Radio Presenting and a Festive Invitation…”

Use It or Lose It

Declaring my intention has motivated me into action.! I have been completing unfinished tasks. Last week the studio  was  re organised.  Adopting  the “USE IT or LOSE IT” approach coupled with  ‘keeping that which I love’ has done the trick. I started by making a list of the personal tools, materials and equipment I useContinue reading “Use It or Lose It”

Getting Things Done- COMPLETION!

I want to progress my art but I am stuck right now. Earlier this year I collected together some of my beginnings , some samples of ideas.I pinned them up on the design wall in the studio. I stood back and was surprised at how much was there. There is more stashed away in drawers,Continue reading “Getting Things Done- COMPLETION!”

New Studio floor

I’ve had a painted week…the floor has now had three coats of floor paint and I decided to paint the entrance area(beyond the open doors) too. The white really lightens the space up….we’ll see how practical it is! In her book “I’d rather be in the studio” Alyson B Stanfield recommends that you define successContinue reading “New Studio floor”