It was a success!

My ‘Hope in Your Handbag Workshop’™ at Transition Town Brixton Shared Space event yesterday was a great success. There was a steady stream of interest and lots of lovely compliments for my Affirmations and my Oyster Card /Wallets. Thank you to all. Those who took part  went home satisfied with their own affirmations in variousContinue reading “It was a success!”

Hand Made, Hand Stitched

I have used this affirmation as the cover photo for my facebook page. Affirmations are a continuing theme, hand stitching is a new addition and I love the meditative repetition. It becomes addictive. I am preparing a workshop for the Shared Space event on monday 6th August. Join us in hand stitching, reusing cloth andContinue reading “Hand Made, Hand Stitched”