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Clutter Confessions #1

For the longest time I’ve procrastinated being an artist and living my artist life. It is actually denying what is true for me, denying my own self and my own being. When I do make my art I feel so happy and satisfied. When I make my art it seems such a simple and an easy thing to do. It feels right.
This story of denial is played out through procrastination, unmade decisions, the build up of ‘stuff’ in my life, physical obstacles that stop me before I start. For example, my studio workspace is in a constant state of flux, always needing to be cleared, is cleared, then back to being a tip again. I do make some progress sorting it out and where I have taken control, things have stayed sorted. I can put a working system into place, organise all the tools together so I know where to find them (and put them away) I can eliminate items that I no longer need. I can remove old projects that distract from making the art I want to make.
There are so many unfinished compositions of pieced ‘patchwork’ cloth waiting to be quilted, so many cloths created along one theme or another, then so many ideas come cascading down when I start yet another new idea. This has been my ongoing story. It is currently my place in the scheme of things.
So I’ve decided to approach this challenge by taking this Chakra Quest with Anodea Judith  alongside my yoga practice, with the intention of unblocking the stuck energy, of being able to access the cause of the fear that underpins this procrastination habit. To work with chakra energy to integrate the body, mind and soul. To be able to move forward confidently, competently to finish and create the art that I am to make.
It is interesting though, because in my plan to finish some small colour and pattern studies, I am hand quilting them as opposed to the original plan ( made so long ago ..!.) to machine quilt them. And here’s what I have found : that I love, love the motion and meditative quality of hand quilting. I have been consistently quilting these pieces since I started. I love the textured look and handle of the cloth. That my energy penetrates all the layers, I’m putting myself in there. The stitches create a soft, beautiful, wholly integrated cloth.
I’m hoping that this bodes well for my chakra work .

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Seeing is Believing

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What we believe is not always clear. And our beliefs are not always based on the truth. For example, the ‘inner critic’ that rabbits on telling us negative ideas about ourselves, creating unnecessary doubt and uncertainty when it would be better to take action based on what comes from the heart of things, from intuition, from our place of truth. Then we can get to the bottom of what we believe.